The Untouchables #1 #EnglishEdition

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Here we are, once again, to start … Or restart … My new blog’s event: The Untouchables.


Why I’m doing it? Because I’ve understood that this could be an article with worldwide aspects so I decided to translate it in english and present my idea also to someone outside Italy!


I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to Diana Gabaldon, an amazing woman who gave me the right inspiration (I’m doing this all because of her! So … Thank You, DG!)

Let’s make a quick intoduction. I decided to call this event The Untouchables as the 1987’s movie directed by Brian De Palma.

My idea is to create a sort of monthly date in which I will tell you something about a book’s or movie’s character that I think is ‘untouchable, unforgivable and amazing’.

Obviously, this is a date that cannot be #SpoilerFree so if you don’t want to know anything about characters that I will describe in this event … Don’t Read It!


Now … Let’s start and discover who is the first ‘untouchable’ that I choose.


Here we are … My first untouchable is Ian James Fitzgibbons Fraser Murray.


So … For those who didn’t know Ian Fraser Murray yet, for those who are asking why I decided to start from him, the reason that put Ian in the first place, above all the other ones … Let’s go on, step by step.

Ian is an invention, totally succeed in my opinion, of our dear author Diana Gabaldon (that I hope is going to read this article #FingersCrossed #SorryForMyNotPerfectEnglish). He is a character of Outlander series, made of 8 books (15, in italian version, published by Corbaccio).

Ian is an absolutely unique character: his journey grows in front of readers’ eyes in all its complexity, in a moving and fantastic way.

We meet him, for the first time, in Voyager and, from his first crying any reader who has the sensibility and a little bit of precognition knows that this little baby will give many satisfations.

For all the fans of Outlander, for those who know the story of Jamie and Claire until this point, it sounds easy to understand how the appearance of Ian in Jamie’s life, our loved James Alexander Malcolm Mackenzie Fraser, will create a relationship between them absolutely amazing and fabulous.

And this is the real greatness of Ian’s character: he knows how to build relationships and bonds with the other members of the clan, without losing is own identity.

First of all, his complete name let us understand how Ian is the result of a melting pot of different men: Ian (as his father, who gave him the physical Murray’s aspect); James (as his uncle, who is going to grow Ian as a father follows his own son, building his personality and making Ian more like him than his real kids won’t ever be); Fitzgibbons (as that Murtagh, that man of honor dead during the battle of Culloden for Scottish freedom and for Jamie; from Murtagh, Ian takes the bond with the family, the bent to the sacrifice).

His journey is built by Gabaldon in a way that gives to the reader the chance to know Ian as a child, as a boy and finally as a man, growing up through the pages and chapters.

The Young Ian is a character with unique elements that put him over all the others who live in the books of this fantastic serie.

Unfortunately, the space that I have is little: I can’t tell you every comma, every detail, every breath, every feeling that this boy, grown fast, has given me during the months that I spent reading Diana Gabaldon’s books. But some steps are essentials to understand better his peculiarity.

With Ian the reader feels, in an evident way, how the blood’s bond is of course important but not fundamental: let’s take, for example, Ian and Fergus. These two character are two completely different people but, from the beginning, it seems clear how one smooths edges of the other’s nature e how they are more like brothers than people who share dna and any scientific bonds.

A real friendship for Ian is the one with Rollo: a very strong bond is the one that he build whit this big dog which makes his first appearance in Drums of Autumn.

From this book in particular, everyone could understand how Ian is an absolutely positiv and ironic character, with an unaware sense of humour.

But the thing that stays in every reader’s heart is Ian’s double soul: family, sacrifice, honor for two way of living that are opposite but, in someway, similar.

First, Ian keep and will always keep his bond with is fatherland, with Scotland (I would like to know if there is someone here who didn’t cry or imagine for nights the sound of that «Remember» Jamie said with a broken trembling voice in Drums of Autumn: a last attempt to keep the nephew tied to the Highlands and to their customs). On the other hand, the mohawk side, which can be seen through his silences, his roughness, his physical aspect, his days passed alone, away from everyone and everything, as a real Wolf’s Brother must do.

Finally, I have lots of things yet to say and to tell you about Ian and his brown eyes’ character, but I stop here.

I don’t want to bore you … after all, I could always do another article about him, a sort of Ian Fraser Murray 2.0, who knows!

One fact remains: Ian will always be my favourite character. And it doesn’t matter if, now, the boy who Starz chose to play his role in the tv-serie Outlander (that I love and in which there is a faboulous Claire played bu Caitriona Balfe and a fantastic Jamie played by Sam Heughan) doesn’t seem to me quite good or particularly suitable for Ian’s developpement. For me, in my mind, Ian will always have the face that I imagine during my reading hours: a very young Brenton Thwaites, wild and native. For me, this is Ian’s face, no way for other choises.

#SorryNotSorryJohnBell. For me, now you’re a NO. But I’m ready to change my mind!

So … I hope you enjoyed my article and here I would like to say a special thanks to my Pen Pal, my American Sis, Mandy: my good english is all thanks to her (if there are some mistakes, is all my fault!).

We will see you soon (follow the blog if you want, like my article, comment: be free of doing what you want! Just remember: your comments make growing my little blog).



© Rachel Sandman

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